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Tony Grant, Sustainable Arts Foundation“Studios Inc addresses two of the biggest needs — flexible time (24 hour access) and space (the possibility of having a space where your child can be with you in the studio). What they are able to do on those two fronts is enormous, and extremely rare. About all I can say is keep it up!”

Tony Grant, Founder
Sustainable Arts Foundation, San Francisco, CA

The Studios Inc provides studio space, professional development, networking, and exhibitions for mid-career artists in Greater Kansas City and serves more than 20,000 community residents and visitors each year!

Located in a 51,000 square foot building on the east side of the Crossroads Arts District, The Studios Inc is a 501 c 3 organization which provides studio space free of charge to mid-career artists. In addition to their studios, artists share access to a wood shop and 4,500 square feet of exhibition space.

The Studios

  •  51,000 square foot building
  • Studio spaces ranging from 750-3000 sq. ft.
  • 4,500sq. ft. of exhibition space
  • Fenced-in lot available for outdoor installations, performances or workspace
  • Wood shop

Resident Artists

  • Applications for available studios are solicited annually (one to three studios become available annually).
  • A Selection Panel is convened to review applications and select a Resident Artist for each available studio.
  • Studios and other facilities are provided free of charge for a 3 year residency.
  • Artists are required to exhibit annually in The Studios Inc Exhibition Space; announcements and publicity are facilitated by The Studios Inc.


  • Individual Donations
  • Patron Program (Each Resident Artist is matched with a patron whose fully
  • tax-deductible contribution underwrites the Artist’s studio for one year)
  • Corporate Collector Program (Each year interested collectors bid a minimum $65,000 tax-deductible contribution.  The high bidder’s contribution is accepted and receives that year’s independently curated collection which includes one work by each Resident Artist)
The Studios Inc
1708 Campbell Street
Kansas City, MO 64108Email: director@thestudiosinc.org


Tel: 816.994.7134



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