“A tremendous professional benefit has been regular studio visits from curators, collectors groups, and patrons. This professional exposure and dialogue, especially from outside of the city, is an important aspect of my individual development and opportunities, and stimulating discussion.”

Marcie Miller Gross
Studios Inc Resident Artist, Kansas City, MO


“Studios Inc actively draw members of the community together on a recurring basis to experience art in action through studio visits, exhibitions and artist’s talks. Whether it involves new understandings of creative processes, a stronger community bond or creates opportunities for artworks to remain in the community; artists and audience members gain increased knowledge, exposure and enjoyment from the Studio programs.”

Kathy Dowell, Curator
Kathy Dowell Art + Service, Kansas City, MO


“The time I have had at Studios Inc has allowed my work to grow not only dimensionally, but in depth and language. I have also been exposed to many curators, both locally and nationally through the profile of the organization. It has been a rewarding experience that affords opportunities and advanced interaction with my peers.”

Archie Scott Gobber
Studios Inc Resident Artist, Kansas City, MO


“The Studios Inc program brings an important component to Kansas City’s already vibrant art community. The program offers mid-career artists assistance in coming into their own through the paid residency program and the opportunity to create a new body of often larger scale, more ambitious works. The artists also are awarded the chance to exhibit their work to the public and this can serve as a real jumping-off point to further a serious career.”

Rachael Blackburn Cozad, Director and CEO
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO


“All of my recent accomplishments would not be possible without the space, convenient access and peer-to-peer contact available at Studios Inc. I am extremely honored to be a resident at the Studios Inc and look forward to more years of creative success and experimentation.”

Davin Watne
Studios Inc Resident Artist, Kansas City, MO