Corporate Collection

The Studios Inc Corporate Collection Program

Studios Inc’s Corporate Collection Program provides the opportunity for a corporation to invest in a complete collection of works, one from each of the Studio’s resident artists. Studios Inc underwrites the cost of an independent curator to assemble the collection. Studios Inc will collaborate closely with Corporate Collector to insure the collection reflects the values of the corporation.

We see time and again in ‘best places to work’ surveys that companies that value community not only support the arts, many times they have great art collections as well. A well-formed collection demonstrates a business’s ongoing interest in improving the quality of life within and outside the company. Art inspires creative thinking as well as offers people a chance to view different perspectives. This can in turn foster elements essential to a company’s success such as innovation, creativity and collaboration.

The Studios Inc Corporate Collection Program is a unique opportunity for a business to participate in the creative process. There is no doubt the artwork a company displays leaves an impression with clients, employees and visitors. The Corporate Collection enables the company to demonstrate its community appreciation while creating a stimulating environment.

For more information and inquiries contact Colby K Smith at 816.994.7134