Miki Baird

Miki Baird received a BFA in sculpture and an MFA in art from the University of Kansas. She is the recipient of numerous grant awards and commissions including a 2012 Studios Inc residency award, ArtsKCFund Inspiration Grant, Missouri Bank Artboards Commission in conjunction with Art Through Architecture Kansas City and the Charlotte Street Foundation, Avenue of the Arts Municipal Commission and Grant as well as residencies with Vehicle Tow Services of Kansas City under the auspices of the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services and community outreach in collaboration with the Salina Art Center. She held academic positions from 2000-2007 at the Kansas City Art Institute in the Departments of Sculpture and Interdisciplinary Arts and in 2004 as artist/instructor with the MFA Program at Vermont College. Baird’s most recent exhibitions include Eric Fischl’s America: Now and Here 2011, Familiar: Portraits of Proximity at Epsten Gallery 2010-2011 and the Flatfile Collection of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.

Pedestrian activity along with investigative process is the point of departure from which I begin my work—it is the genesis of my visual voice.  The people, places and objects I observe and photograph are the reticent hosts and clue-makers that make up my work.  Their images generously and unwittingly provide descriptors of presence, of movement, of relationships and an ensuing memory of being (here) and having been (there).  The tapestry-like structures I work with are not only compiled from photo fragments but are dependent upon strategic reorganization, re-contextualization and repetition of the reduced sized images that make up each piece. The resulting imagery transitions and resonates an underlying abstraction layered within pattern, color, texture and topographic strata.