Davin Watne

Davin Watne is an artist based in Kansas City with an established record of professional achievement. He received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1994 and is currently a Studios Inc recipient. He has been awarded several grant awards and public commissions including The Charlotte Street Foundation Award, ArtsKC Inspiration Grant, and Avenue of Arts Municipal Arts Grant. Davin is currently an adjunct professor in 2D design and multi-media at University of Missouri Kansas City.

My current artistic practice examines the ever-evolving concept of the collision between the human and natural world. It is a concept that both fascinates me and influences my art. While the competition for resources between these species appears to give mankind the advantage; I like to create scenes to the contrary. My work explores civilization’s failed attempts to conquer nature. I do this by depicting auto collisions with local wildlife as well as capturing mans primal fear of nature. My interests have extended beyond visual art into the worlds of music, fashion, installation art, photography and animation.