The continuation and quality of Studio Inc’s residency program is the paramount concern when dealing with the long-term sustainability of our organization. Because of the nature of Studios Inc, and its commitment to mid-career artists, the diversification of the SI program’s revenue stream is the keystone to a long-lasting and career-changing experience for our future and current residents. By engaging Kansas City, Studios Inc has become an enclave for fine arts and a name synonymous with diverse, artistic ideas. Interested in our Partnership Program? Email us!

Cosmic Cowboy - ___ Level Sponsor

Studios Inc is proud to have Cosmic Cowboy as part of our Partnership Program. Cosmic Cowboy is an Indie Music and Independent Film Studio that provides additional creative outlets to residents.

Torn Label Brewing Co. - ___ Level Donor

Torn Label Brewing Company brews enticing, adventurous beer. Their collection of well-crafted beer attracts craft beer novices and aficionados, raising awareness for the creativity of residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

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