About Studios Inc Programs

At Studios Inc, we know that art isn’t created in a vacuum; it’s born from experience. Since 2003, Studios Inc has been working tirelessly to provide artists the chance to grow, learn and expand on that experience.

Residency Program

Exhibitions, studio space, and life long connections.

Patron Program

Greater connections between patrons and artists.

Exhibition Series

Exhibits resident artist work to the public.

Internship Program

Immersive, fun, and custom-designed internship experience.


A one-stop shop for KC’s greatest artists.

Partnership Spaces

We like visionaries. If you’ve got the drive, we’ve got the space.


Aimed exclusively at mid-level artist, this isn’t just about creating a body of work (although that’s a big part of it). We’re trying to augment our resident’s portfolio with connections not only intra-program, but to the community itself. As our residents build their physical body of work, we work hard to help them foster relationships with collectors, patrons, and other art professionals in the Kansas City creative community.

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