Feelings Defined: A One-Question Interview of Interns

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I applied for the editorial and content management internship at Studios Inc because of a tagline on a flyer. “No making coffee, no filing, no busy work! This internship is designed with you, for you!” This quick, comma-filled description pushed me to send in my resume, and that on-a-whim decision has loomed large over my Junior and Senior year in college.

2018 Interns: Album Cover for Pepper Rain

The Executive Director, Associate Director of studios.gallery, and Office Manager encourage, aid, and advance our talents as we work as the photographers, videographers, graphic designers, writers, social media specialists, and exhibition assistants of the organization. But, I’ve always wondered how do the other interns view their internships here? I’ve wanted to do an article that highlights the cogs of the Studios Inc engine for a while, and asks them, ‘What is the point of it all?’

The best way to understand the morale of the troops is to live, work and be amongst them, always asking questions and listening carefully. So, I did just that. I decided that an open-ended question would elicit a more honest and thought-out response.

But, what question? It took only a few minutes to think back only a few years, wherein small classrooms in high school and college I was asked questions like, what do you want to gain from this class? Or how do you expect to grow from this experience? Good questions that needed in-depth answers. So from these experiences, I thought of a variation of a classic, difficult, first day of class question.

“Describe your experience in one word and why did you pick that word?”  

I started with Ben Cottrell, our Digital Media intern, he’s been with us only for a few weeks, but is already an integral member of the team. (more…)

Miguel Rivera featured in The Hand magazine!!

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Resident artist, Miguel Rivera is the featured artist of The Hand Magazine’s Issue #20. The Hand is a locally owned art magazine operated and edited by photographers, Adam Finkelston and James Meara.  “The Hand magazine is dedicated to being the world’s premier forum for innovative and experimental uses of reproduction based media.”  


The co-editors praised Rivera’s progressive interpretation of artistic printmaking. “It is serendipitous that our feature artist, Miguel Rivera, is at the forefront of print-makers embracing what digital imaging can do to enhance their work,” (The Hand Magazine, pg. 2). Rivera’s feature in the magazine includes an interview conducted by the co-editors. The interview explores the conceptuality, practice, and influences within the framework of Rivera’s artistic process.

More recently, Miguel Rivera was interviewed on the Art Speak Radio show on KKFI 90.1 FM.

Introducing: Kathy Liao

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This week the Studios Inc’s introductive series that focuses on our newest artists will be delving deeper into the multimedia artist Kathy Liao

Kathy Liao declares that her work explores the concept of what a relationship is. The multimedia painting series Lingering Presence probes the intimate but fading relationship between Liao and her grandmother;

who is slowly losing her memory. In the multimedia painting Memories of Watermelon you see layers of a photo of an older woman surrounded by painted shapes and blocks. The shapes pull the focus of the painting inward and onto the woman who is covered in faded colors and patterns across her skin and clothes. The vibrancy of the painted shapes contrasts with the faded skin tone of the woman. The faded skin tone and the energetic colors represent Liao’s interpretation of her grandmother’s life. Liao questions if her grandmother lives in a colorless blurry haze to have it punctuated by bursts of kaleidoscopic remembrance?

Kathy Liao is currently premiering a new multimedia painting called 3 AM Kitchen at our group exhibition studiosinc:2018 on view until 4.13.18.
Kathy Liao is an Assistant Professor of Art at Missouri Western State University. Liao earned her MFA in Painting from Boston University and BFA in Painting and Drawing from University of Washington, Seattle. Liao’s work was featured in exhibitions in Seattle, Washington; Kansas City, Missouri; Boston, Massachusetts among others. Liao has received a variety of grants and awards; including the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Grant, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Vermont Studio Center, and Jentel Artist Residency.



2018 Patron Party

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Last night Studios Inc hosted their annual Patron Party. The event was catered by the modern German restaurant Affäre and featured drinks from Torn Label Brewery. The Patrons had their fill of bacon wrapped scallops, potato rosti salmon, poached shrimp and other delights while they chatted with the artists, interns, and management of Studios Inc. As the fun and relaxed evening unfolded; the artists treated the patrons to intimate visits of the studios and showcased their current projects and completed works. The Patron Party is our way of thanking the patrons and artists of Studios Inc for creating and supporting the art culture of Kansas City.


Patrons play an imperative role in Studios Inc. They have the option to receive the gift of a work from the artist to add to their private collection or take a tax reduction for their contribution. The Patron Program also provides a heightened level of dialogue between patron and artist. Patrons are encouraged to cultivate relationships with the artists to learn more about the creative process.



studiosinc:2018 TONIGHT

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OPENING TONIGHT studiosinc:2018 a group exhibition! Join us from 6:00 – 9:00 PM and see live performances from Ricky Allman, Barry Anderson, and Davin Watne at 6:15 and 8:15!!

The Studios Inc Exhibition Space is pleased to present studiosinc:2018 a group exhibition featuring resident artists Ricky Allman, Patty Carroll, Caitlin Horsmon, Misha Kligman, Miguel Rivera, Colby K Smith, Debra M Smith, Hye Young Shin, Susan White, Kathy Liao, and Benjamin Rosenthal.

Introducing: Ben Rosenthal!

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For the next few weeks Studios Inc will be publishing an introductive series centered on our newest batch of artists: Ben Rosenthal, Kathy Liao, and Susan White. This week we focus on the works of visual artist Ben Rosenthal.

Rosenthal’s work oscillates between the varied realities of religion, sexuality, and militarism and their relationship with technology, through a queer “technosexual” lens. The work of spectral glances [in] and [of] prophetic tremors, [not touching] is a series of large installations combined into one unit containing a series of video channels that oscillate between a protruding finger covered in frenetically twitching patterns, masses of shapes and bodies that are coated in bright colors and visual textures, dental camera recordings probing the body of the artist, and bright colorations of TV noise all paced by the sounds of mediated breathing and recited queer sexting.The installation blasts the viewer’s senses and creates pockets of emotions like curiosity and sensuality that pervade throughout the entire space.

Ben Rosenthal will premiere a two-installation piece called of surfaces tension[ed] against petrified flesh[ness] at our group exhibition studiosinc:2018 on view from 3.09.18 through 4.13.18

Ben Rosenthal earned an MFA in Studio Art from University of California, Davis and a BFA in Art from Carnegie Mellon University. Ben Rosenthal’s work has been featured internationally at various exhibitions, festivals or venues in Stuttgart, Germany; Bangkok, Thailand; Gimpo-Se, South Korea; Mexico City, Mexico among others. Rosenthal is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas. He teaches visual art, performance art, experimental animation, graduate seminar, and interdisciplinary acts.

Welcome to Studios Inc!

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Studios Inc welcomes Ben Rosenthal, Kathy Liao, and Susan White into our 2018 Residency Program. With their amazing work, accomplishments, and dedication to their studio practice; we’re launching into 2018 with an amazing and diverse group of artists. The Residency Program is aimed exclusively at mid-career artists. This free, three-year program gives them the ability to strengthen their portfolio, build lasting relationships, and become more immersed in the Kansas City community.

Rosenthal’s primary discipline is in video and other new media, his practice is interdisciplinary, and rapidly traverses disciplines within the field of visual art including sculpture, installation, performance, and drawing. His art questions the authenticity and intimacy of our physical and virtual realties. It strives to look at notions of militarism, religion, and technosexuality. 


Kathy Liao is a painter who utilizes a mixed media platform of paintings and photographs.It centers on different forms of art coagulating into a concept that examines the modern relationships of distance, intimacy, and technology, in layers of paintings based around moments, memories, and observations with and recorded snapshot photos.


Susan White sculpts with thorns, honey locust trees and other materials to create discrete sculptures and large installations. Her use of organic materials explores the elemental relationship of the body to the landscape, the cellular nature of the body, the granular nature of the soil, the sense of time and space in the natural world.

An interview with Debra Smith

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Resident Artist Debra Smith studied fashion and textiles at the Italian Academy of Fashion and Design. She also holds a BFA in Textiles(93) from the Kansas City Art Institute and an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences(02) from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

We sat down with Debra Smith in her studio one early autumn afternoon. Her studio was filled to the brim with fabric pieces. They adorned her walls, filled up her work drawers, and covered the long table where we spoke. Taking in all the textures and colors made the whole space comfortable and reminiscent of being inside a giant quilt.

We discussed her art origins and her most recent show, Memory Trace. We also talked at length about her current aspirations and her plans for the future with her residency extension.

 What inspired you to become an artist? How did you get started?

I’m (more…)

See The Magic Happen!!

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We invite you to see the magic happen and join us for the opening reception of Memory Trace, an exhibition of pieced vintage textiles by resident artist Debra Smith, tomorrow, 11.10.17 from 6:00-9:00PM!

Memory Trace is an exhibition of pieced vintage textiles. In an effort to expand community outreach, Debra Smith will be creating a temporary studio within the walls of the exhibition space. She invites the community to get a peek into the creative eye and the evolution of her pieced silk textiles.

After a recent surgery,  (more…)

This Months Featured Artist: Dylan Mortimer

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This month’s featured artist from the studios.gallery collection is Studios Inc alumni, Dylan Mortimer.

Recently Dylan has been featured in publications such as Sculpture magazine and KC Studio. In the September 2017 issue of Sculpture magazine, Dylan’s work at The Drugstore is mentioned as “…sizable glittering sculptures…” that “…examines health, Christianity, and the biology of disease.”

In the October 2017 issue of Sculpture magazine Dylan is the featured artist.  Neil Thrun says that Dylan’s work is “…uniquely honest to Mortimer’s personal sense of both art and ministry.” Check out the in-depth article where he discusses the intersection of his Christian and artistic identity.

Currently two of Dylan’s pieces in the studios.gallery show titled Structure,  on view from 10.06.17 to 11.24.17.

Current and alumni featured in 3 publications!!!

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Studios Inc is proud to host the 27th International Sculpture Conference: Intersections + Identities, from October 25-28, 2017. With three days of programming, they will explore new communities and discuss exciting topics in contemporary sculpture.

In anticipation, several publications are featuring Kansas City artists and shows.  The September issue of Sculpture Magazine features current resident Caitlin Horsmon and Studios Inc alumni  Brett Reif and Dylan Mortimer in the “Made in the Middle: Art and the Crossroads of Kansas City” article. Dylan Mortimer is also given a more in-depth article in Sculpture Magazine’s October issue where he discusses the intersection of his Christian and artistic identity.  In the September/October issue of KC Studio magazine current resident artists, Caitlin Horsmon, Jill Downen (extension program resident), and past Studios Inc alumni, Dylan Mortimer, and Jarrett Mellenbruch are featured in Artists Pages: Kansas City Sculpture.

First Friday Line up!

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First Friday, KC’s top contemporary artists, live performance, amazing craft beer, and ample parking!!! What do all these have in common? Studios Inc!!!

Start your evening with us at 5:00 PM with the opening reception for structure, an exhibition featuring work by Jill Downen, Tanya Hartman, Jarrett Mellenbruch, Dylan Mortimer, Brett Reif, Colby K Smith and Gerry Trilling.

Seven Simultaneous Sunsets by Ricky Allman, with Hexray, a live performance by Barry Anderson and Ricky Allman at 8:00 PM



Opening Reception: NARRATIVE ATLAS by Gerry Trilling

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The Studios Inc Exhibition Space is pleased to present NARRATIVE ATLAS, an exhibition featuring resident artist Gerry Trilling, on view from 05.12.17 to 06.16.17 with an opening reception Friday, 05.12.17 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

NARRATIVE ATLAS is an exhibition of constructed paintings, text and small drawings.  “Narratives are built into maps; where and how you begin, where and why you want to go, how and by what means you get there.  An atlas is a book of maps filled with stories.  NARRATIVE ATLAS is a mainframe for my meditation on assimilation.  What stories we keep, what memories we will lose, and what will happen next.  The unknown is always rich territory for an artist.”   

Gerry Trilling is a resident artist at The Studios Inc. The Studios Inc provides studio space, professional development, networking, and exhibitions for mid-career artists in the Greater Kansas City.

Gallery Hours
Tues – Friday     10:00 -12:00 PM
1:00  – 4:00  PM
Saturday            12:00 – 4:00  PM

Gallery Talk
5.13.17 Saturday           12:00 – 1:00  PM

First Fridays during Exhibition
6:00 – 9:00 PM

An Interview With Gerry Trilling

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Studios Inc Resident Artist Gerry Trilling received her B.F.A. in Painting from Kansas City Art Institute, and has also studied weaving, dyeing, and paper making. Trilling has traveled extensively through Asia, South America, Australia, and Europe focusing on how patterns can create a large visual landscape. We sat down and asked her a few questions about what inspires her, her creative process, and advice for young artists……..Q: What originally inspired you to start creating? What is your background in art? (more…)